Dr Oz: Ab Glider, FlavorWave Oven Turbo & Sandbell Review

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Dr Oz: Ab Glider, FlavorWave Oven Turbo & Sandbell Review

By on May 9, 2012

Dr Oz: Infomercial Products

You’ve seen the late night commercials for the products, but do they really work? Dr Oz was joined by Men’s Health Editor, Clint Carter and Fitness Expert, Ary Nunez to examine The Ab Glider, The FlavorWave Oven Turbo and The Sandbell and tell you which infomercial weight loss products actually worked. You may be surprised! (I know I was!)

The Ab Glider

Dr Oz Reviews The Ab Glider

Dr Oz: Ab Glider Review

Who has not seen this commercial a million times, raise your hand! You can do The Ab Glider while watching tv (Dr Oz) because it’s quiet. Ary tried the Ab Glider and said it was like doing 100 sit-ups in 3 minutes. (And that’s good?!) Ary and Clint both agree—this one is a keeper! (So this one actually works?! Go figure!)

Dr Oz: FlavorWave Oven Turbo Review

The FlavorWave Oven Turbo cooks fresh and frozen foods to perfection with virtually no fat and clean up. Clint stated that this product worked with a halogen light, so it pumped out 500 degrees to cook the meat perfectly. It also contains grates at the bottom to soak up the fat, but keep the moisture in your foods. (I wouldn’t mind trying this one!)

Dr Oz: SandBell Review

The Sandbell is used the same way you would use a medicine ball or dumbell. The only difference is the Sandbell is easy to stack away when not in use. (Convenient, huh? Sounds good!) This product contains 2 pieces of exercise equipment. It’s versatile too. You can use the Sandbell for the sliding lunge or for an ab workout. You can also do squats, lunges and knee lifts. To do with a friend, sit with your feet together. Toss one sandbell apparatus back and forth. For added difficulty, as you catch, sit back and perform a sit-up.

Have you tried any of these products? Leave me a message and let me know.

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