Dr Oz: Harness Bra and Retinol Cream


Dr Oz: Cleavage Wrinkles  lotion

Dr Oz discussed cleavage wrinkles and how to get rid of them.  He also suggested the use of a harness bra and prevention retinol cream to prevent cleavage wrinkles.  Many people might not realize this, but cleavage wrinkles are one of those things that instantly give away our age.  In this segment, Dr Oz straightened out this wrinkly mess and helped out a very concerned audience member who was suffering from this very problem.


  1. H says

    Dr Oz is beginning to go the route of Dr. Phil. …downhill fast and losing credibility. Dr Oz originally began his show with very useful, clinical, medical explanations and real help for viewers in down to earth terms. Today’s breast balls- with the audience member being compelled to “be” a cleavage wrinkle- was ridiculous! I’m sure that all of us viewers could get the idea without such ludicrous props. Meanwhile, if some viewers are really concerned about cleavage wrinkles, a short segment would have been sufficient. Dr Oz is also promoting a lot of products- like the cleavage harness – yikes- and I can only wonder what’s next.
    Tomorrow he’s apparently going to tell us how we can lose weight in 7 days (or similar). The Enquirer is going to love that one.
    Oh well, it was a great show while it lasted.

  2. Marilyn Morong says

    I can’t find the pillow bra anywhere. What is the link? Right now it is the best kept secret.

  3. Marcy Gilman says

    I think the pillow bra is a Chestsaver. I googled chest wrinkle bra and that is what came up.

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