Dr Oz: Devil’s Claw Back Pain Supplement & Comfrey Compress Remedy


Dr Oz: Comfrey Compress Back Pain Remedy

Dr Oz: Devil's Claw Back Pain Supplement & Comfrey Compress Remedy

Dr Oz shares 60-second back pain remedies that really work, including a Comfrey Compress. (Dmitry Kalinovsky / Shutterstock.com)

Dr. Oz says when you are pain a few seconds can feel like several minutes, so today he is revealing his 60-second back pain fixes to ease your discomfort and help you get through your busy day.

  • A Comfrey Compress is an old, but very effective method to relieve pain. Add some Comfrey Compress ointment to a cheesecloth and apply to painful areas to decrease swelling and get instant pain relief.
  • Devil’s Claw is an herbal supplement that works as an anti-inflammatory to treat and prevent back pain. Take 100 MG of Devil’s Claw a day for as long as the pain lasts.

Dr Oz: Supine Stretch to Ease Back Pain

Did you know the average American sits for about 56 hours a week? Dr. Oz says sitting puts more pressure on the spine than standing, which can then lead to uncomfortable back pain, so he has a solution and the best part is that it is totally free.


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