Dr Oz: Holiday Health Hazards & Castor Oil Remedy for Sore Muscles


Dr Oz: Clean Glass with Coffee Filters

We are well into the holiday shopping season and Dr. Oz has some very important advice before we literally shop ‘til we drop. He says there are many health hazards of holiday shopping that so many of us are not even aware of as we make our way through the mall, stand in long lines, and carry around several bags of presents.

Dr Oz Holiday Health Hazards: Carrying Heavy Shopping Bags

Dr. Oz says that many of us tend to carry all of our shopping bags in one hand, which is not the best way to do it because you do not distribute the weight evenly it will take a horrible toll on your back as other areas of the body as well. When carrying so much weight, our head and shoulders tend to lean to one side and we start to feel discomfort in our lower back. Dr. Oz says the solution is simple: even out the weight by carrying bags in both hands.

Dr Oz: Sore Muscle Remedy

  • Castor Oil
  • Plastic wrap
  • Heating Pad

Dr. Oz says if you are sore after a long day of holiday shopping and carrying around 30-40 pounds of bags filled with gifts, this simple remedy will help to ease some of your discomfort. He says to just rub some castor oil on the area, cover it with plastic wrap, and then put a heating pad on top of the plastic, but just be sure it is only set to low heat so you do not burn yourself.

Dr Oz Holiday Health Hazards: Standing in Long Lines

Cleaning Glass with Coffee Filters

A Dr. Oz audience member offered a time-saving tip to clean class surfaces without streaks or lint. She says to use coffee filters for a flawless clean every time!

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