Dr Oz: How to Give Yourself the Heimlich Maneuver & Choking First Aid

By on September 17, 2013

Dr Oz: How to do the Heimlich Maneuver on Yourself

The difference between life and death can literally be just a matter of seconds so on today’s Dr. Oz show, Unexpected!, he is putting your survival skills to test. If you were all alone and started choking would you be able to save your own life? Dr. Oz set up a trailer right outside his studio to see how people would do in a survival situation. He left various items from around the home that could potentially be used to save your life if you were choking. He then explained that each person who entered had just 30 seconds to figure out which items to use before they would pass out and go into cardiac arrest. How would you do? Would you panic or would you know exactly what to do?

What to Do When You are Choking

Dr Oz says NOT to drink water if you are choking because it will not help and you will waste precious life-saving time!

Dr Oz: Should You Drink Water if You Are Choking?

Dr. Oz revealed that most of the women in his experiment panicked and made some pretty common mistakes that we can all learn from if we are ever in a similar situation. Those 30 seconds go by extremely fast so it is important to not only know what to do, but also what not to do.

Do NOT drink water: Dr. Oz calls this a catastrophic mistake if you are choking because when you drink the water it will simply go down the swallowing tube never touching the food that is actually stuck in your windpipe.

Do NOT use an object to try to remove the item that is stuck because you will just push it further down your windpipe.

Dr. Oz: Choking First Aid

Now that you know what NOT to do if you are choking, Dr. Oz shared the steps to take so you can save your life with very little time to spare.

Step 1: Call 9-1-1 and drop your phone because even though you may not be able to talk to the operator they will still be able to track your location and send help right away. This works even better if you use a landline rather than a cell phone. Dr. Oz says dropping your phone is important because it will leave the line open and free up both of your hands to save your life.

Step 2: Start the Self-Heimlich – You are probably wondering “how” to do this maneuver on yourself since it usually takes two people, right? Well Dr. Oz called the inventor of the Heimlich Maneuver himself, Henry Heimlich, to get the answer.

Step 3: Find a chair

Step 4: Focusing on the area halfway between your belly button and your ribcage use the back of the chair to thrust inward and upward. This action will literally help to push and force the food out of your windpipe.

Keep doing this until you pass out because even if you bruise yourself or it feels uncomfortable, it will literally save your life. Even if it only dislodges the food a little bit, it will still create a space for air to get through and make it easier for the paramedics to save you when they arrive.

If you do not have a chair, make a fist with your non-dominant hand and place it directly under your ribcage. Place the other hand over the first one and perform the action you would if you had a chair by thrusting both hands inward and upward. It should feel uncomfortable, but it will force that food out of your windpipe and literally save your life.

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