Dr Oz: Mitral Valve Replacement & Cardiac Emergency Warning Signs


Dr Oz: Surgeon Oz Reality Show

Patients cope with physical and emotional components when they find themselves in the hospital. Dr Oz shared a story of strength from the Columbia Campus of New York Presbyterian Hospital.

He visited the emergency room and interacted with patients and colleagues. Cardiac surgery fellow Jason Glotzbach called Doctor Oz a tough teacher. Cameras also followed Dr Oz schoolteacher and mother Doris Corona, who was diagnosed with a damaged Mitral Valve.

Dr Oz: Hospital Diagnosis

Dr Oz: Mitral Valve Replacement & Cardiac Emergency Warning Signs

Dr Oz highlighted a patient who needed a Mitral Valve replacement operation and explained some of the most common Cardiac Emergency warning signs. (Lightspring / Shutterstock.com)



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    My wife had breathing problem. Angiogram showed tow flaps were calcified. Also it showed porcelain aorta. So open heart surgery was ruled out. Dr. Rajendra Makkar at Cedar Sinai in Beverly Hills, CA used the trans catheter procedure going from both the groins put the Edwards (Irvine, CA) bovine valve. Also a pace maker was installed. She has atrial fibrillation so she is put on Coumadin = a baby aspirin. After a week, she developed some blisters on left leg and thigh. She was hospitalized four nights in the hospital and Drs. were baffled as the blisters did not respond to vancomycin and Zosyn. She is home and under nursing care.

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