Dr Oz: Natural Ways To Relieve Stress & Calming Phone App Reviews

By on April 12, 2013

Dr Oz: Calm App To Reduce Stress

Dr. Oz shared the newest way to help you wind down and reduce your stress at the end of a long day. He and his guests discussed the new relaxation drinks that claim you can find “calm” in a can, but do they really work? Find out the results of a Consumer Reports study as well as what you need to look for when purchasing one of these anti-energy drinks at the store.

Dr Oz: Natural Ways To Relieve Stress & Calming Phone App Reviews

Dr Oz says one of the best ways to reduce your stress is by downloading a free calming app. If offers peaceful backgrounds and sounds that will help you relax while lowering your stress.

Dr Oz: Natural Ways To Relieve Stress

Most people would say they have busy lives that are filled with a great deal of stress, so Dr. Oz offered natural ways you can reduce your stress that will help you unwind after a long day. He searched all over the world to find the best solutions to bring a little “calm” to your day.

  • Eat Jujube – Jujube is a red date that has been used to reduce stress in China throughout history and it can be found in several forms, depending on your taste. Try dried jujube, jujube tea or a jujube supplement to help lower your stress.
  • Try an aromatic diffuser – This device can be set on a timer that will release your favorite scent at any time of the day. Dr. Oz says they range in price from $30-$100.
  • Try a calming app – Dr. Oz says the best part about a calming app is that it is free, but it also offers a soothing background with sounds that will help you relax. This app takes it one step further and actually walks you through the seven steps to get calm. Visit calm.com to get started now!

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