Dr Oz: Viral vs Bacterial Infections & Germs on Public Toilets


Dr Oz: Viral vs Bacterial Infections

Do you worry about every little thing? Do you freak out about every sign or symptom? If so, today’s Dr. Oz Show is for you because he sets the record straight once and for when he reveals what worrywarts should really worry about and what they need to stop fretting about in their lives.

Dr Oz: Do Antibiotics Work for Viral Infections?

We have probably all seen news stories about superbugs, but are they something we really need to worry about? Dr. Oz says superbugs spread very quickly and are not easy to treat, which is why they are definitely something to worry about. He explains the problem is that we are overusing antibiotics in this country, which is often the reason superbugs have a chance to grow and become a huge epidemic.


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