Dr Phil: 7-Year-Old Obsessed with Knives & Born Addicted To Meth


Dr Phil: Our 7-Year-Old Son Threatens To Kill Us

Kim and her ex-husband Ryan turned to Dr Phil for help with their 7-year-old son Rylan, whose bizarre and violent behavior could be putting others in danger. The former spouses are co-parenting Rylan, who is obsessed with knives and his imaginary friend Bleeder, whom he says tells him to kill his entire family.



  1. Linda says

    Personally, I think they need a Priest. I am getting chills just reading what this kid is saying. I think he has demons attached. They prey on the vulnerable. Please, please get that child a Priest!

  2. says

    I think that child is possessed and needs a serious exorcisim to be done on him. I feel he has a demon(s) that has been tormenting that baby at a very early age of his life… probably even before he could walk or talk. I hope someone really tries to help him and I would really have to disagree with Dr. Phil on this one; I don’t believe his behavior has nothing to do with their parenting skills!! Not this time!

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