Dr. Phil: A Dark, Secret Past Of Abuse – Why Won’t Anyone Believe Her?

By on May 2, 2013

By Daniel Hill

Dr. Phil: May 3 2013

27-year-old Jennifer appears to lead a happy life with George, her former-cop husband and father of her three children, but upon closer examination, the relationship appears to be quite troubled. If no one finds it strange that the guy is 17 years her senior, I really must be as alone as I think I am in the brotherhood of common sense. What really lies beneath the surface here? Find out on Dr Phil May 3 2013.

Dr. Phil: A Dark, Secret Past Of Abuse - Why Won't Anyone Believe Her?

Is Jennifer a victim of abuse, or is she plotting against her husband?

Dr. Phil: Secret Past Of Abuse

Where the story gets really interesting–or twisted, depending on your viewpoint–is where Jennifer brings to light a sinister secret she has been harboring for quite some time. Jennifer has made the claim that, while he was dating her mother, George abused her starting at age eight, eventually fathering children by her.

Should you somehow be capable of looking past the abuse and torture, the fact that the man who is now her husband was once dating her mother makes this story even more strange.

Dr. Phil: Why Won’t Anyone Believe Her?

Despite Jennifer’s claims, it seems strange that no one in the town is on her side. Was there a cover up? Are people looking the other way due to George’s past as an officer of the law? What in the ever-living heck is going on here?

However, in all fairness, this could all be going in the other direction. Perhaps Jennifer, in an attempt to take money from George, or some other diabolic domestic devilry she may be concocting, she has decided to fabricate these claims to put him in prison so that she may force a divorce through and make off with all of his assets. Given how little we know at this time, it is really hard to tell. Tune in on Friday May 3 to figure out what’s going on with Jennifer!

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