Dr Phil: Custodial Grandmother Accused of Locking Kids in a Basement


Dr Phil: Decades of Hatred

Dr Phil took on the troubles of another American family when he brought Marsha and Brooke to the show. Marsha is Brooke’s mother, and in the past she also won custody of Brooke’s sons, due to what Marsha sees as her daughter’s drug-fueled, dangerous life. However, Brooke says that Marsha is making it difficult for her to clean up her act and get the family back together, especially since she thinks her mother is abusing the boys by punishing them in extreme ways.



  1. Beverly Ritch says

    Your show was great today Dr. Phil. Marsha really does need to change her focus to include making family reunification a priority rather than sitting on her high horse, and Brooke needs to follow court orders and work towards her goal of getting her kids back. It CAN be done! I did it way back in the 80’s after 3 years of turmoil and drug use. Best thing I ever did.

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