Dr Phil: Did Wife’s Lies Help Convict a Man in Parents’ Double Murder?


Dr Phil: Family Fighting Over Double Murder

What would you do if a relative of yours, maybe a cousin or an aunt, was convicted of murdering his or her parents? That’s the question that Dr Phil’s guest Angela has been asking herself in recent years, after her nephew Matt was convicted of stabbing his own parents to death. However, Angela believes Matt is innocent, and she thinks Matt’s wife Jenny is partly responsible for his prison sentence.


  1. Teresea Avant says

    So what did John Edwards tell Angela? We had a storm today & the electricity went out right when he was telling her something?

  2. says

    John didn’t have much to say to Angela that was meaningful to the case. He mostly focused on reading others from the audience.

    Also, after the show Dr Phil sent a polygraph examiner to Jenny’s hometown to administer a lie detector test, but she never showed up to take it.

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