Dr Phil: Family Inheritance Fight — Bargaining Over Family Heirlooms?


Dr Phil: Family’s Fight Over Father’s Inheritance

Dr Phil unleashed another two-part episode on his audience, this time focusing on a family divided over an inheritance. Throw in some long-simmering feuds and a mail-order Russian bride for a twisted, thorny story that Dr Phil attempted to get to the bottom of. Lisa is one of four sisters. She thinks that her father Carl rewrote his mother’s will so he could control the inheritance that was meant for the girls. Lisa’s mother Kathy agrees, while one sister has taken Carl’s side and the others feel trapped in the middle.


  1. kelly crawford says

    This dad is the biggest piece of crap. He is cold and uncaring and only cares about the money and himself. And then he wants to fly to the Ukraine for a catfish but won’t fly to Mexico for his daughter’s wedding?! What a selfish jerk!

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