Dr Phil: How To Be Victim-Wise & Exercising Personal Accountability


By Daniel Hill

Dr. Phil: How To Be Be Victim-Wise

Dr Phil: How To Be Victim-Wise & Exercising Personal Accountability

Dr. Phil used his Life Code book to help Alicia Guastaferro start changing her life.

Using his book Life Code as a point of reference for what Alicia Guastaferro, “The Wife Swap Hooker,” has to do to start turning her life around. Coining a catch phrase that will no doubt be used by countless other corny psychologists, Dr. Phil told Alicia that she needs to not be victimized, but “victim-wise.” After citing so many people that have victimized her, Dr. Phil feels that it is time that Alicia start watching out for the type of people that would make her a victim.

Dr. Phil: Irresponsible Parenting

The first person Dr. Phil told Alicia she had to recognize as a person responsible for her victim status was her own mother, Karen Guastaferro. He insisted that before she would load her own daughter up to drive her down to the gentleman’s club to dance and make money for the family, she should have them all living in a box under a bridge first. However, despite the reality show, the 54-year-old boyfriend and the irresponsible parents, she has to start making wiser decisions in her own life to see a positive change take place.

Dr. Phil: Personal Accountability For Young Adults

Alicia is 21 now. Her problems started when she was 15. What she needs to do to start getting the second chance she keeps asking for is to own all of her mistakes. Agree and acknowledge how dumb you were in the past and hold yourself accountable to your screw ups. When you start to own your past mistakes and hold yourself to making smarter choices in your life, you will start seeing the respect you deserve.


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