Dr Phil #InLawTroubles: Marriage Not 50-50 + Extended Family Mediation


Dr Phil: Who Am I Married To: My Mother Or My Man?

Dr Phil continued his conversation with Sarah and Jason about her parents’ influence on their marital life. The problems have been ongoing for almost a decade, throughout the course of the couple’s relationship. To get another perspective on the situation, Dr Phil invited Jason’s parents, Doug and Melodie, to join the fray.

Dr Phil: Married To a Minister

Dr Phil #InLawTroubles: Marriage Not 50-50 + Extended Family Mediation

Dr Phil tackled #InLawTroubles, attempting to help a couple married for 10 years put their rocky past with her parents behind them for a happier future. (Athanasia Nomikou / Shutterstock.com)

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