Dr Phil Life Code Advice: Alicia Guastaferro & Karen Guastaferro


By Daniel Hill

Dr Phil Life Code Review

Dr Phil Life Code Advice: Alicia Guastaferro & Karen Guastaferro

Dr. Phil suggests that the Guastaferro family take up a “Life Code.”

“I probably did, basically. I just couldn’t show it,” said Alicia Guastaferro’s mother, Karen when asked if she had moral issues with her daughter’s exotic dancing job. In all fairness, she did have a lot going on – what with the recent arrest of her husband for money laundering and all. He couldn’t even make it on to the show because he is under house arrest. Dr. Phil, after hearing all this, suggested his book, Life Code to the family. In the book, he says that you have to have a code (see what he did there?) to get through life, be it moral or otherwise.

Dr Phil Life Code: Alicia Guastaferro

She could probably use some moral compass or a code, if you will (ahem), when you are aware that your 19-year-old daughter’s boyfriend is 54 years old. Basically, Alicia learned that the “age is just a number” adage isn’t always true, and admits to her naivety – though she did point to the fallout from her father’s arrest as a culprit for the lapse in judgement. Karen also, believe it or not, admitted that she probably let more slip through the cracks than she should have during the  ensuing chaos that followed her husband’s arrest. Are we seeing a pattern here?

Dr Phil: Alicia Guastaferro Prescription Drugs

In addition to the boyfriend that could almost retire and the exotic dancing job, Alicia Guastaferro’s mother also had her on a regimen of drugs such as Valium, Paxil, Ritalin, Lamictal, Ambien, Lortab, and Flexeril – some of which had become quite habit forming for Alicia. She hasn’t ever been tested for compatibility with these drugs, either.


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