Dr Phil: Meet the News Anchor Con Artist Mom Who Faked Her Own Suicide


Dr Phil: From Top TV Newscaster To Drunken Mom

Like most people who find their way onto Dr Phil’s stage, Christi has seen better days. She was once an Emmy Award-winning TV reporter. But this mother of two adult daughters now finds herself jobless, homeless, and estranged from her children.

Christi went from having it all to having nothing, and she said her spiral toward rock bottom started back in 2010. After a car accident, Christi said she became addicted to Oxycodone. Though she went to rehab and gave up pills, she replaced her addiction with alcohol. She said that she drinks due to her loneliness.

Dr Phil: Angry and Abusive Con Artist Mom

Heather is Christi’s 22-year-old daughter. She said that she wrote her mother off in the past, and that she knew Christi had problems with alcohol when Heather was 16. She thinks of her mother as a “con artist” and remembers her as “angry and abusive” during periods of drinking. Heather also said her mother used her money to buy drugs or pay household bills.

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