Dr Phil: Stepdaughter Vs Bitter Widow in $200,000 Catfish Battle


Dr Phil: My Stepmother Blew All of My Father’s Money on a Scam Artist

I guess if you’re going to keep doing the same catfish story over and over, your only hope for keeping things fresh is finding people with outsized personalities to play the parts. Maybe that is how Dr Phil came up with Kaye, a widow who has been blowing money like it’s toilet paper on a dubious Internet stranger named Aaron, whom she has been “dating” for a year, even though they have never met. Kaye really wishes her stepdaughter Kathy would quit ruining her imaginary good time by pointing out that she’s being conned. Kaye even told Dr Phil that she hoped Kathy would die before making it out of his studio.



  1. Beth says

    Apologize to Kathy, Diana. She was right. I can see why you have to go looking for love on the internet, what a b—- you are in person. Kathy was in your life for 40 years, your catfish was in your life for one. Especially ar your age, you should know who to stick and side with and who not too. I wouldn’t blame Kathy if she did not forgive you and was out of your life forever. But that is what you wanted, isn’t it ?

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