Dr Phil: Student Gets Inappropriate Professor Fired Over Fake Texts


Dr Phil: The Student and the Professor

Dr Phil looked into a case of stalking and a dispute between a teacher and a former student that began when Kaila was a freshman in fall 2013. She became close with psychology professor Laura, and the two began connecting outside of the classroom.

One night, Kaila was sleeping at Laura’s house and had to go to the emergency room. When she returned, she was shocked to find that many of her possessions had been moved into Laura’s home. But she must not have been too uncomfortable, because she left her stuff there for months.

Dr Phil: Fired Over Fake Text Messages

Dr Phil: Student Gets Inappropriate Professor Fired Over Fake Texts

Dr Phil took on the story of a student and former professor embroiled in a stalking case. This story involves fake text messages and bad judgment. (shumbrat / Shutterstock.com)


  1. Julie Dwenger says

    I feel that you favored the student in a very unfair way. “You have your whole life ahead of you. Hopefully this hasn’t hurt you too bad” is basically what you said to her. You even had the gall to say that “you didn’t know if she sent the text message or not.” Are you KIDDING?? Hell, you’ve been harder on kids who do drugs or shoplift. Poor little Kaila got a free pass. Many of us haven’t had much of a childhood. That girl is disturbed. But cutting down the teacher wasn’t a problem for you. I am done watching your program.

  2. Judy Gower says

    In my opinion Dr. Phil really screwed up on this one. He basically told the student that it’s fine to use and abuse people because she had a hard life. When her professor took an interest she took full advantage and then kicked her in the teeth. It seems the professor overstepped, but at least tried to show a kindness. Dr. Phil pretty much told the professor to quit caring about the welfare of others. Ouch.

  3. Julie Dwenger says

    Yep, Judy, absolutely. I see a little of myself in the professor, bringing home needy cases, etc. You do it b/c you can’t bear to see someone struggling so badly. She did it out of kindness not warped b/c she has warped intentions to harm this person. I agree that she shouldn’t bring home college students but I thought that the disparity in his treatment was ridiculous. Student gets off with absolutely NO criticism and professor deserves to be tarred and feathered!

  4. Yvonne Baird says

    I too, was shocked at Dr. Phil’s unfair disrespectful attitude toward the Professor, and his benign acceptance of Kaila’s malicious and bizarre intentions to destroy the Professor. There have been other shows when Dr. Phil has been unfair in his evaluation & it always seems to be toward someone who takes it upon themselves to deal with a situation where they assume to have confidence in how to handle a problem. He, Dr. Phil, shows a resentment for anyone who appears to show some share of competence, & he becomes unnecessarily verbally insulting . He always favors the needy person, and I would guess he always has to be the top dog in every circle. In some ways he has an insufferable Bill O’Reilly demeanor.

  5. Lesley says

    I understand that the professor was partly in the wrong to care for the student. Unfortunately it backed fired on her. The professor had said that she had taken care of young people in the past and had a. Good outcome. This is why there are rules in place to protect both individuals.
    It is hard and sad that an individual whom had given so much to education, has lost her job.
    But she broke the rules. As for the young women “the Student” she obviously has mental health issues. It was proven that she sent the messages on her own phone. That is the truth. No one wins really. I think the professor went on the show to proove her innocents. Unfortunately they are both in the wrong. The professor will recover as she has a loving family it might take a while but she will move.
    As for the student she needs help not a husband who goes along with her outlandish stories. She may cause serious harm to someone if she is aloud to get away with harassing people again.

  6. Nancy says

    He basically just waved his finger at the nasty, proven lying and slandering girl (who is an adult) and threw all his criticism to the woman whose crime was to actually care a little too much for her student.

  7. julia says

    I came across this video on youtube and scrolled down only to see no comments. I was shocked at this entire story. Throughout the video the professor seemed coherent, well educated, stable, and appeared to have her heart in the right place. The girl shouldve been grateful to have someone who cared whether she lived or died. She pretty much sabotaged one of the few good people on this earth. Dr phil shouldve been harder on the girl. Her abusive childhood (and I had one too) doesnt give her the right to stomp on others. Bad judgement Phil.

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