Dr Phil: Voices in My Head — Electronic Harassment Microchip?


Dr Phil: I Hear Voices In My Head, But I’m Not Mentally Ill

Dr Phil met with a man named Nick who has been hearing voices in his head over the past three years. Though his family thinks this is a symptom of mental illness, Nick has another theory. The voices he says he hears are violent and threatening. “They have a predator machine that’s capable of letting them know my thoughts,” he said.



  1. DENISE YOUNG says

    I would like really like to talk with Nick. I don’t know how to contact him, I don’t know where he lives or his last name. Maybe you could give him my email and phone number and he could decide if he would like to call. I work, so Monday to Friday I am not home between 630am and 430pm. My phone number is 604-565-3503. my email is [email protected]…thank you Denise Young

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