Dr Phil: Young and Violent — Are Teen Bullies Insecure? Warning Signs


Dr Phil: Pretty, Young and Violent

Wellbuzz update: Part two of this show has aired. Click to read more about the Mean Girls.

Dr Phil focused on mean girls and bullying. Seven teens, both bullies and bullied, moved in to the Dr Phil House together, on the heels of the news that about one in three middle school girls has reported hitting a peer. The Internet has also given bullies a bullhorn to share videos and intimidation.



  1. Dale Williams says

    I get so sick of all the mumbo jumbo about bullies having a low self esteem bla bla bla. Most bullies have a very high self esteem and assume they are superior to others. They are also cowards. Catch a bully alone and stand up to them and you will see firsthand they are spineless.

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