High Intensity 10-20-30 Workout: Results in Just 12 Minutes a Day


Good Morning America: 10-20-30 Workout

High Intensity 10-20-30 Workout: Results in Just 12 Minutes a Day

Harley Pasternak explained the high-intensity 10-20-30 Workout that is believed to help you achieve fitness goals by working out for just 12 minutes a day. (hotelcasavelas / flickr)

Have you heard of the new Interval Workout where every second counts? Good Morning America’s Abbie Boudreau looked into The 10-20-30 Workout and shared what she found. A study out of Denmark concluded that you can get results at the gym in just minutes, depending on how they are targeted.

GMA: 10-20-30 Workout Timeline

So how does the 10-20-30 break down? Trainer Harley Pasternak explained:

  • 30 seconds of Low Intensity Exercise
  • 20 seconds of Moderate Intensity Exercise
  • 10 seconds of High Intensity Exercise

This one-minute cycle repeats for five minutes, followed by a two-minute break. Then you repeat the cycle, and you’ve done the whole workout in only 12 minutes. That could fit into almost any schedule.

GMA: Modified High Intensity Workout

Pasternak has a fitness book called 5 Pounds: The Breakthrough 5-Day Plan To Jumpstart Rapid Weight Loss. He thinks the 10-20-30 Workout could make sense for a lot of people, but no plan is right for everyone. He said anytime high intensity is involved, there will be a risk for some people. It’s never a bad idea to consult your doctor before starting a fitness plan, based on your own health needs.


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