BPA in Canned Foods Safe? Health Canada Study on Bisphenol A


The ongoing debate of whether BPA (Bisphenol A) is dangerous or safe in canned foods had me swearing off canned foods of any type, especially after this show on Dr Oz: Poison in Food Supply: Mercury, Pesticides & Bisephenol A BPA.  I must admit though that I have a weakness for canned green beans and canned peas.  The other canned vegetables, like corn for example, I can easily replace with their frozen vegetable counterpart (like frozen corn).  Maybe it reminds me of my childhood, but I sure do love my canned beans and peas!  Recently I was strolling through the grocery, and a can of peas was calling out to me.  I resisted the temptation, but decided to contact several canned food companies myself to see if I could find anyone who is not using BPA in their canned foods.  So far, none of the companies have replied to my inquiry other than Veg-All (a part of Allens, Inc.).  I am tremendously impressed with Veg-All!  Within a few hours of sending my e-mail, I received the following e-mail:BPA in Canned Foods


  1. may says

    I buy organic beans but am concerned now about the BPA I have been exposed to for a long time. Health Canada, FDA, metal pkging industry–I am skeptical of studies saying it’s ok, as NO amount of BPA is “safe”.
    If it can be subbed out, and is in use for cost, regulatory agencies should ban this, along with gmo: soy,wheat,corn, sugar, cotton, all linked to birth defects, infertility/hormonal disorders,autoimmune diseases, cancer–but they allow such known poisons, so why should BPA be any different.
    I’d like to believe Health Canada–to avoid thinking I’ve been/am being poisoned, but I’d need proof.
    Eden foods is developing a safe liner, they are a great company and others need to do the right thing.
    There needs to be a law.

  2. Leonora says

    It’s unfortunate that the buck stops at what we are exposed to by eating canned food; what about when all that BPA leaches into the environment: the water, the fish, etc. It doesn’t just go away, it keeps building up. Just because it’s not hurting us now, doesn’t mean it won’t hurt us later.

  3. jay furmn says

    Like many, I feel the need to grab a can of Tomato soup now and then. Baked beans in a can reach out to me as well when strolling down the aisle of my favorite Food Emporium. So, BPA is bad for babies, water bottles and on and on. The long march to purity has begun once again. I will have to cook beans for hours if I want superb beans and molasses combinations.
    Raw Tomatoes from Corporate Farms….I think I’ll switch to bottled, glass enclosed Spaghetti sauce and make soup of it…I wonder how marinara soup and grilled cheese sandwiches will taste….as for canned corn, green things etc. my new hunting ground will be the frozen food forest….Do flashfreezing of frozen veggies disrupt the molecular structure of their individual plastic enclosures ? How about those plastic combos you just pop in the Microwave.?… green beans (peas) in 60 seconds, complete polyphenol noodle dishes in under 3 minutes……..I think I better take a closer look at the countryside squirrels out my window…the Cat in the Window may have some new competition…pass the gravy please….

  4. says

    Jay, I totally feel your pain about baked beans… when will a company start making baked beans in a glass container! I sure do miss them 🙁

  5. says

    Leslie, thank you so much for mentioning this! Literally a few days ago, my nutritionist told me about Eden Organic’s non-BPA cans, but I have not had a chance to check them out yet. Do their products taste good? If Eden Organic has figured out how to use non-BPA lined cans, then why can’t the rest of the canning industry use that same technique or approach?!?! I guess they still need more pressure from consumers in the form of people not buying their BPA lined can products.

  6. writermommy says

    I’d rather have a bit of BPA in my tomatoes than botulism which can be deadly.
    I am a huge Dr. Oz fan, but frankly, I find some of this difficult to live by in day to day life. What am I supposed to do when I need tomatoes in a can? I have no idea how to make the whole tomatoes like Muir Glen can? And diced? Doesn’t taste the same to do it fresh. If anyone has any ideas on how to do the tomato canned products at home, please share. But remember, you have to buy organic tomatoes to make it at home b/c then you risk exposure to pesticides. That brings up another point: I was gung-ho organic until I read to be careful about organic products in mexico b/c of what they use for fertilzer on their crops and we are eating it! So, there goes about 75% of the organic produce available at my local store. Frustrating!!!! I want to live in bubble…complete with my own farm, cow, and sea to fish in.

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