Joey Lawrence Fish Tacos & Chris Hemsworth: Live With Kelly

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Joey Lawrence Fish Tacos & Chris Hemsworth: Live With Kelly

By on June 1, 2012

Live With Kelly June 1 2012

Summer is almost here, and the search for Kelly Ripa’s co-host is heating up. This was the second day of duty for Mike Greenberg, of ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning. They chatted with movie star Chris Hemsworth and TV’s Joey Lawrence, who prepared a hot summer dish (yes, a Fish Tacos Recipe) for Live’s Grilling With The Stars challenge. Plus they got to see an amazing Cirque Du Soleil performance. Here’s the rundown from Live With Kelly June 1 2012.

Joey Lawrence & Mike Greenberg: Live With Kelly June 1 2012

Kelly Ripa & Mike Greenberg talked to Joey Lawrence & Chris Hemsworth on the June 1 2012 show. (Joe Seer /

Kelly Ripa Vs Mike Greenberg: iPad Table Manners

Do you think it’s rude for kids and teens (or adults, for that matter) to play with their iPads at the table during family meals? Find out which side each of the co-hosts took in the debate. Plus, what are some of the most annoying habits other diners exhibit in restaurants? See if your pet peeve made the list. Plus, Mike gets the real story from Kelly about why the line for the ladies’ room is always twice as long as the men’s room line.

Live With Kelly: Mike Greenberg Co-Hosts

Live With Kelly: Chris Hemsworth of Snow White & the Hunstman

Chris Hemsworth is popping up on movie screens around the world, from his roles in Thor and The Avengers to this weekend’s buzzed about release of Snow White and the Hunstman. Find out what’s going on in the actor’s personal life when he’s not busy juggling movie roles. Plus, what should you expect from his role opposite Kristen Stewart in Snow White?

Live With Kelly: Chris Hemsworth “Snow White and the Hunstman” Interview

Live With Kelly: Cirque Du Soleil Performs ‘Zarkana’

Cirque Du Soleil’s performances have wowed audiences for decades, and their latest effort is taking over Radio City Music Hall. Find out about the history of the world renowned performance troupes, and learn about the techniques the acrobatic performers are showcasing this summer in New York.

Live With Kelly: Cirque De Soleil “Zarkana”

Joey Lawrence: Grilled Fish Tacos Recipe

You loved him on sitcoms like Blossom in the ‘90s, and now he’s back on TV in the ABC Family sitcom Melissa & Joey. But that’s not the only show he’ll be appearing on this summer. Get the Grilled Fish Tacos Recipe he cooked up for Kelly’s Grilling With The Stars summer charity competition.

Live With Kelly: Grilling With Joey Lawrence

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