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Dr Oz Microwave: No Tears Onion Trick, Sweet Potato Chips + Mascara

Dr Oz: Microwave Magic Most of us have a microwave in the kitchen, and... 

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Dr Oz: Hand Dryer Germs, Fecal Cloud & Best Way To Wash Your Hands

Dr Oz: Hand Dryers Vs Paper Towels When they debuted in bathrooms around... 

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Dr Oz: DIY Reflexology for Back Pain, Anxiety & Digestive Health

Dr Oz: Reflexology What is Reflexology? Dr Oz’s guest said that this... 

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Dr Oz: Immunity-Boosting Turmeric Latte Recipe & Digestive Enyzmes

Dr Oz: Healthy Bacteria, Healthy Body You may think you are doing everything... 

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Dr Oz: Driving Under the Influence of OTC Medication? Label Warning

Dr Oz: Over-the-Counter Dangers You are probably one of the estimated 240... 

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Dr Phil #InLawTroubles: Marriage Not 50-50 + Extended Family Mediation

Dr Phil: Who Am I Married To: My Mother Or My Man? Dr Phil continued his... 

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Dr. Oz: Palm Reading, Over-the-Counter Medication Dangers & Microwaves

Dr. Oz January 21, 2015 Preview Wellbuzz update: Here are the segments... 

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Dr. Oz: Dairy Free Diet, Stroke Symptoms & Woman Loses Family in Fire

Dr. Oz January 20, 2015 Recap Dr. Oz has a great episode January 20, 2015,... 

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Dr. Oz: Woman Loses 200 Pounds, Cutting Out Soda & Healthy Breakfasts

Dr. Oz: Woman Loses 200 Pounds Dr. Oz talked to a woman named Kelly who... 

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Dr. Oz: Dairy Allergy Diet & Alternate Sources of Calcium + Vitamin D

Dr. Oz: Dairy Sensitivity Diet Dr. Oz talked to Dr. Michael Roizen about... 

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Dr. Oz: Dairy Allergies Vs Dairy Intolerance & Cheese Sensitivities

Dr. Oz: Dairy Sensitivities Dr. Oz talked to Karen, who has a dairy sensitivity... 

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Dr. Oz: Stroke Risk Factors for Women, FAST Acronym & Subtle Symptoms

Dr. Oz: Three Young Women Have Strokes Dr. Oz talked on his show about... 

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Dr Phil: Mother-In-Law Wore Black To Wedding Vs Controlling Husband

Dr Phil: My Parents Won’t Accept My Controlling Pastor Husband Wellbuzz... 

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Dr. Oz: Woman Loses Three Children & Her Parents in a Christmas Fire

Dr. Oz: Woman Loses Three Children & Her Parents in a Christmas Fire Dr.... 

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Dr. Oz: Woman Loses Family in Christmas Fire & How to Avoid Strokes

Dr. Oz January 20, 2015 Preview Wellbuzz Update: Here are the articles... 

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Dr. Oz: 10 Day Plan for More Energy & Chipotle Sticky Wings Recipe

Dr. Oz January 19, 2015 Preview Dr. Oz had a great episode January 19,... 

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Dr. Oz: Is Moldy Bread Safe to Eat? Don’t Sleep With Your Makeup On

Dr. Oz: Is Moldy Bread Safe to Eat? Dr. Oz asked for fan questions about... 

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Dr. Oz Skin Care: Glycolic  Acid for Wrinkles & Kojic Acid Treatment

Dr. Oz: Chemical Peels for Rejuvenated Skin Dr. Oz talked about special... 

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