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Dr Oz Supermarket Juice: 100% Juice Diluted? Fillers + Sparkling Juice

Dr Oz: Supermarket Juice Does your morning routine include a glass of juice?... 

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Dr Oz Total Body Overhaul: What is Burdock Root? Drink the Rainbow

Dr Oz: Total Body Overhaul Dr Oz used Integrative Medicine to outline his... 

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Dr Phil: Parental Alienation or Runaway Sisters? Dad Wants Custody

Dr Phil: Parental Alienation or Runaway Sisters? Dr Phil met Brian, a father... 

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Dr Oz: 10 Day Body Overhaul & Morgan Spurlock Medical Tourism

Dr Oz January 26 2015 Wellbuzz update: Here are the segments from this... 

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Dr Oz: Mood Swings, Jennifer Lopez Smoothie & Callus Home Remedy

Dr Oz January 23 2015 Dr Oz had fun with Jennifer Lopez, who shared a smoothie... 

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Dr Oz: New York Giants Callus Home Remedy & Heel Pain Exercise

Dr Oz: Happy Feet We need our feet all day every day to get us around.... 

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Dr Oz Quiz: Is Your Body Out of Balance? Swaps To Manage Your Mood

Dr Oz: Manage Your Mood Dr Oz met with Annemarie, a woman who struggles... 

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Dr Oz Mood Swings Triggers: Sleep Deprivation, Caffeine & Carbs

Dr Oz: Mood Swing Triggers Annemarie is a Dr Oz viewer who feels like she... 

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Dr Oz: Jennifer Lopez Berry Good Smoothie Recipe + How To Be a Success

Dr Oz: Jennifer Lopez Body Lab Dr Oz chatted with Jennifer Lopez about... 

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Dr Oz: Jennifer Lopez Butt, Meditation, Drinking Water & ‘True Love’

Dr Oz & Jennifer Lopez International superstar Jennifer Lopez was Dr... 

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Dr Phil: Mean Girls, Life’s Tipping Points + Overcoming Bullying

Dr Phil: Standing Up To Mean Girls Dr Phil finally unleashed the much-anticipated... 

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Dr Oz: Jennifer Lopez Beauty Secrets & Holistic Treatment for Fatigue

Dr Oz January 23 2015 Wellbuzz update: Here are the segments from this... 

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Dr Oz: Food Fraud, Amy Purdy, Stroop Test, Hair Frizz & Joint Pain

Dr Oz January 22 2015 Dr Oz shared a new hour with information on Food Fraud... 

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Dr Oz: Knee Strength Exercise & Curcumin Joint Pain Supplement

Dr Oz: Joint Pain Relief Aching Joints are a common sign of aging, Dr... 

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Dr Oz: Hair Frizz Remedy, Nighttime Hand Moisturizer & Saline Drops

Dr Oz: Winter Beauty Care Each season of the year can bring its own beauty... 

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Dr Oz Memory: Stroop Test Color Challenge, Brain Yoga + Rebus Puzzles

Dr Oz: Brain Games According to Dr Oz, new research confirms that having... 

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Dr Oz: Snowboarder Amy Purdy Meningitis, Ballroom Dancing & Memoir

Dr Oz: Amy Purdy Amy Purdy is a champion snowboarder whose story of triumph... 

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Dr Oz Food Fraud: Counterfeit Shrimp, Greek-Style Yogurt & Turmeric

Dr Oz: Food Counterfeiting You may be surprised to learn that the foods... 

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