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Dr Oz: What is Your Core Pain? Give Food a Purpose in Your Life

Dr Oz: Body Prisoners Dr Oz met Laurie and Lindsay, two women who have... 

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Dr Oz: Negative Food Relationships, Avoiding Mirrors + Public Shaming

Dr Oz: Negative Food Relationships Dr Oz introduced two women who have... 

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Dr Oz: Sweetmyx Generally Recognized As Safe? Bruce Bradley Frankenfats

Dr Oz: Bruce Bradley Fat Profits Review Whistleblower Bruce Bradley visited... 

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Dr Oz: Whistleblower’s Food Industry Secrets + Anti-Aging Diet Plan

Dr Oz November 5 2014 Wellbuzz update: Here are the segments from this... 

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Dr Oz: Egg White Rice Pudding, Emotional Eating & Wendy Williams

Dr Oz November 4 2014 Dr Oz caught up with Wendy Williams on November 4,... 

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#OzLaughterRx: Children’s Hospital Superheroes & Window Washers

Dr Oz: Window Washers Washing windows can be a thankless chore at home,... 

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Dr Oz: Microwave To Zap Emotional Eating, Brown Rice + Sweet Potatoes

Dr Oz: Emotional Eating Dr Oz introduced some Weight Loss Heroes to his... 

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Dr Oz: Firefighter Loses Half His Weight & Egg White Rice Pudding

Dr Oz: Weight Loss Heroes Dr Oz introduced Weight Loss Heroes who have... 

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Dr Oz: Restaurant Chairs + What Are Health Inspectors Looking For?

Dr Oz: Restaurant Health Inspector Dr Oz teamed up with health inspector... 

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Dr Oz: Wendy Williams 30 Lb. Weight Loss & Sweat Glands Operation

Dr Oz: Wendy Williams Sweat Glands Operation Talk show host Wendy Williams... 

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Dr Oz: Wendy Williams Weight Loss & Restaurant Kitchens Exposed

Dr Oz November 4 2014 Wellbuzz update: Here are the stories from this... 

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Dr Oz: 3 Day Fat Flush, Hot Belly Diet Reviews, Seizures & Tragus

Dr Oz November 3 2014 Dr Oz talked about the 3 Day Fat Flush and the Hot... 

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Dr Oz: Hot Belly Diet Reviews, Khichadi & Superfood Smoothie Recipe

Dr Oz: What is the Hot Belly Diet? Dr Oz explained that The Hot Belly Diet... 

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Dr Oz: How Much Fiber? Whole Grains, Beans, Fruit & Vegetables

Dr Oz: Low Fiber Consequences Dr Oz talked with three women who had three... 

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Dr Oz: Tragus, Pyloric Sphincter & Tommy Davidson Anatomy Quiz

Dr Oz: Tommy Davidson Anatomy Quiz How much do you know about your body?... 

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Dr Oz: What Causes Seizures? Golden Hour & Former Boxer Brain Injury

Dr Oz: Real Life 911 Calls + Golden Hour Most people know to dial 911 in... 

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Dr Oz: 3 Day Fat Flush Shopping List & Fatty Acid Breakfast Shake

Dr Oz: How To Flush Fat Dr Oz’s guest, Dr Mark Hyman, outlined a... 

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Dr. Oz: Real Life 911 Call, 3 Day Fat Flush Plan & Importance of Fiber

Dr. Oz November 3, 2014 Preview Wellbuzz update: Here are the segments... 

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