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Doctor Oz did a show on Nail Salon Dangers – do you know the risks of Manicures and Pedicures and what to look for at your nail salon to make sure you don’t get fungus or bacterial infections?  We spend $6 billion at nail salons each year, so make sure you know the dangers of […]

Doctor Oz did a segment on ways to make yourself look younger.   The secret to looking young is not necessarily a product from your drugstore, but it may just be the foods you are eating.  Here are some of Dr Oz’s favorite anti-aging foods to make you look younger!  1.  What Food Prevents Your Teeth […]

Doctor Oz gave a checklist for hoarders to help them get rid of stuff using 3 simple steps – mild prevention, bacteria prevention and dust removal.  One of the big problems of being a hoarder is that you end up in a physically unhealthy environment.  Neither adults, children or babies should live in a house […]

Doctor Oz spoke about what you can do about dandruff to keep your hair clean from flakes!  Everyone gets dandruff at one point or another, so this is great to knoWhat is dandruff?  Plus, what dandruff is not, are both very important to know.  For example, many people think dandruff is caused by not shampooing or showering enough, but […]

Doctor Oz was asked by Patricia, a woman in his audience, why people have trouble controlling or holding their gas as they get older. Fennel from Crestock High Quality Images Dr. Oz said that the intestinal lining sometimes has trouble metabolizing some sugars, like lactose found in milk or dairy products, especially as we get […]

Doctor Oz was asked by Shira, a woman in his audience, why do people pass gas at night while they sleep? sleeping girl from Crestock Stock Photo Dr. Oz said that 20% of the gas in our body is from what we swallow, but 80% is from the bacteria in our gut.  The bacteria do […]

Doctor Oz discussed diarrhea with Ann-Marie, the previous assistant of the day for his constipation segment.  In the wall of your intestinal track are bacteria.  The bacteria live on villi, which look like coral inside of your intestinal tract, which is where all of these poop problems begin.  If your intestinal tract squeezes too quickly, […]

Dr. Oz was asked by Chris, why does he wake-up with gas and bloating in the morning? And what can he do to prevent this morning gas and bloating? spoon from Crestock Stock Photography Dr. Oz said that there are bacteria in your gut that digest your food.  These bacteria digest and go to the […]

Dr. Oz was asked by Denise, “Why do my husband’s feet smell SO bad?”  Dr. Oz was hoping to check his feet, but Denise’s husband was at work… and Denise warned that he would need a hazmat suit to check her husband’s feet in any case… I can totally relate, my husband’s feet can smell […]

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