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Dr Oz: Hair & Skin Supplements Under $10 With summertime approaching, you may be looking for the best ways to get healthy hair and glowing skin. If so, you’re in luck! On today’s show, Doctor Oz revealed his best hair and skin supplements including Primrose Oil Supplements, Black Currant Oil (both of which he spoke […]

Dr Oz: Beauty Booster Supplements Dr Oz discussed some Beauty Boosters that will not break the bank.  (Say that fast ten times!)  The Beauty Boosters For Under Ten Dollars segment showed Dr Oz Fans how to rid yourself of crow’s feet and wrinkles with Primrose Oil and how to do away with those pesky split […]

Dr Oz: Holistic Stress Remedies Dr Oz did a segment with Dr Andrew Weil on Holistic Medicine Stress Remedies.  Whether you have the Sunday Night Blues, PMS Stress or stress from sitting in traffic – these tips are sure to help!  Dr Weil told Doctor Oz that one of the biggest misconceptions it that we […]

Doctor Oz’s “In Case You Missed It” segment for November 9, 2010 are below. Don’t forget to pass them on to a friend or family member and spread Dr Oz’s advice!  But before I get to what Dr Oz covered today, I also want to remind everyone to visit our new sister (Opinion Queen) to […]

Dr Oz spoke about the secret reason that your hair thins as you age.  Doctor Oz’s assistant of the day said that since she turned 40, she has started to lose her hair.  She is even scared to touch her hair because large chunks of hair fall out.  Dr Oz used a Hair Camera to […]

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