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Dr Oz HCG Diet Dr Oz’s Show on June 28 2011 is all about whether the HCG Diet is a Weight Loss Miracle or Hype.  We have all heard about HCG Drops and even HCG Shots, which many people claim have helped them to lose lots of weight.  But does it really work?  Dr Sheri […]

Dr Oz Artichoke Extract Improves Digestion Doctor Oz was joined by Bryce Wylde, a doctor of Homeopathic Medicine and host of Wylde On Health, to discuss the health benefits of Artichoke Extract and Artichoke Leaf Tea.  Dr Oz said that artichoke is a powerful player for our health because it is high in fiber and […]

Dr Oz did a segment called The New Herbal Healers with Bryce Wylde a homeopathic medicine expert from Wylde On Health.  Wylde and Doctor Oz spoke about new herbal healers to add to our medicine cabinets including Usnea, Vinpocetine and Castor Oil.  Bryce Wylde said that these are not well known, but they may be […]

Dr Oz did a show called the 7 Wonders of the Natural World, where he shared with us 7 Alternative Health cures from the best pharmacies around the world: mother nature!  Bryce Wylde, host of Wylde on Health in Canada, joined Doctor Oz to give us Alternative Health cures for Cancer, Diabetes, pain, stress and […]

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