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Dr Oz Fat Flush Water & Cauliflower Popcorn Dr Oz’s show on August 24, 2012 is called “Defy Your Age!”  You can’t go wrong with great tips like how to make Fat Flush Water, a Palovia Skin Renewing Laser to help you look younger and Cheesy Chicken Taquitos to quench your appetite (without breaking your diet!).  Dr Oz’s […]

Dr Oz Show: May 30, 2012 Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from May 30, 2012- OMG! Questions Dr Oz Can’t Believe You Asked! Do you have a question you’re too afraid to ask your doctor? Dr Oz takes on all your […]

Dr Oz: Ultimate 10-day Diet Plan to Lose Weight Looking for a great way to fast track your weight loss with no gym required? Doctor Oz was joined by Celebrity Trainer, Kim Lyons, to show you how to lose weight with her Ultimate 10- day Diet Plan on the Defy Your Age Dr Oz Show. Find […]