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Artiste Machine, Liposonix & Levia on Dr Oz Dr Oz’s Show on July 12, 2012 covers the Doctor Oz Miracle Plan for Metabolism, including Metabolism Boosters like Konjac Root, Fenugreek Tea and L-Arginine, as well as Chris Powell’s Metabolism Boosting Plan.  But perhaps the most eye catching segment was when Dr Oz spoke about some […]

Dr Oz Carb Cycling Dr Oz’s Show on March 7, 2012 was a repeat of his show on how to Cut Carb Cravings in 1 Week.  Chris Powell, from Extreme Makeover the Weight Loss Edition, went over a High Carb Low Carb Diet and spoke about techniques such as  SMART Motivation.  SMART is an acronym which stands […]

Dr Oz: Metabolism Myths Dr Oz did a show on a Metabolism Boosting Plan.  We’ve all used the excuses as to why we can’t lose the weight. Today, Chris Powell joined Dr Oz to tell you whether or not your metabolism myths are true of false. (Not sure if I really want to know my […]

Dr Oz: Metabolism Boosting Plan Heeeeeee’s Baaaaaack! You’ve seen him on Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition and other popular weight loss shows. Weight Control Specialist, Chris Powell, joined Dr Oz to help you boost your metabolism and lose weight in the New Year! Last time on The Dr Oz Show, Chris helped you to kick […]

Doctor Oz’s “In Case You Missed It” segment and recaps for October 10, 2011 are below for Dr Oz’s The Transformation Plan For Weight Loss!  Pass the recaps on to family and friends to spread Dr Oz’s advice! Dr Oz October 10 2011 – In Case You Missed It Click on the links at the […]

Dr Oz: Carb Weight Loss Diet Dr Oz and Chris Powell, the Trainer and Transformation Specialist from Extreme Makeover-Weight Loss Edition, spoke to an audience member to find out the issue she had with carbs.  She told them that she loved carbs.  She spoke about how she enjoyed the crunch and the taste of potato […]

Dr Oz & Chris Powell: Breakthrough Diet Dr Oz did a show called “Cut Your Carb Cravings in 1 Week” today.  Chris Powell, the Trainer and Transformation Specialist from Extreme Makeover-Weight Loss Edition, was introduced to help Dr Oz Fans get rid of their fear of carbohydrates and how to use carbs to aid in […]

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