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Doctor Oz gave great Anti Aging advice for people in their 30’s.  In your 30’s, life is complicated with relationships, kids, and a career.  You will notice subtle chances in your face from smoking, drinking, tanning and pollution which will take a toll on how you look.  Collagen begins to be lost and fine lines […]

Doctor Oz’s Ultimate Anti-Aging Show reviewed age-defying secrets, anti-aging home remedies, and the best information for women to look younger in their 30’s, 40’s or 50’s.  What to avoid, what to buy and what to consider, plus is a woman’s age reflected in her appearance? Dr Oz put a woman in a booth in Grand […]

Doctor Oz did a segment on ways to make yourself look younger.   The secret to looking young is not necessarily a product from your drugstore, but it may just be the foods you are eating.  Here are some of Dr Oz’s favorite anti-aging foods to make you look younger!  1.  What Food Prevents Your Teeth […]

Doctor Oz played a game called “Eat This, Beat That” on his television show to teach us foods that can heal our pain so that we can avoid drugs and painkillers and use natural home remedies to cure ourselves!  Match the ailments of headaches, joint pain and stomachaches to one of these six foods: strawberries, […]

Doctor Oz discussed what to do when you burn your skin at home… should you call 911? or treat the burns yourself?  Dr. Oz, wit the help of seat 46 – Virginia – his assistant of the day, answered everyone’s questions about burns.  The two most common household burns are scalds and contact burns (from […]

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