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Dr Oz Show: February 20, 2012 Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from February 20, 2012 – Belly Blasting Supplements.  Do you want to get rid of that mid-section?  Dr Oz shows you which supplements are best for blasting that gut.  Plus, […]

Deepak Chopra’s Stress Fighters Dr Oz did a segment with Deepak Chopra’s 5 Minute Meditation to relieve stress.  Need more ideas to de-stress? With the help of Meditation Guru, Deepak Chopra, on today’s show, Doctor Oz showed you 4 secrets to help combat stress. These simple changes have big results that can transform your life […]

Deepak Chopra: Stress Meditation Dr Oz spoke about Saffron Extract to curb your appetite, as well as Fat Blasting Supplements, so now on to step 5 of Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation, which is how to assess and cut your stress. Get your stress and health under control while possibly winning a million bucks. To do […]

Doctor Oz’s “In Case You Missed It” segment and recaps for September 21, 2011 are below. Don’t forget to pass the recaps on to friends and family to spread Dr Oz’s advice! Before I get to what Dr Oz covered today, I also want to remind you to visit our sister site (Opinion Queen) to […]

Dr Oz: Holistic Health Medicine Cabinet Dr Oz did a segment on what Dr Andrew Weil and Dr Deepak Chopra do when they have everyday medical complaints like a cough, indigestion or headaches.  So they put together this Holistic Health Medicine Cabinet with ingredients like Oil of Oregano, Honey and Turmeric, Butterbur and DGL (Deglycyrrhizinated […]

Dr Oz: Sesame Oil Massage Boosts Energy Dr Oz did a segment on the Holistic Medicine approach to the exhaustion epidemic in this country.  Dr Deepak Chopra shared completely natural ways to boost your energy by increasing your metabolism.  All you need are simple things like Sesame Oil, Ginseng Tea and a Nighttime Cocktail with […]

Dr Oz: Holistic Stress Remedies Dr Oz did a segment with Dr Andrew Weil on Holistic Medicine Stress Remedies.  Whether you have the Sunday Night Blues, PMS Stress or stress from sitting in traffic – these tips are sure to help!  Dr Weil told Doctor Oz that one of the biggest misconceptions it that we […]

Dr Oz: Alzheimers Holistic Health Dr Oz’s show on Holistic Medicine gave a list of three things to prevent getting Alzheimer’s Disease.  Doctor Oz said that losing your mind is eveyone’s biggest fear, but he is optimistic that we can at least helps to slow down the process.  Dr Oz’s assistant said that she is […]

Dr Oz: Dr Andrew Weil & Deepak Chopra Dr Oz, together with Dr Andrew Weil and Dr Deepak Chopra, presented a Holistic Prevention Guide for the diseases that we fear most.  Dr Weil has been a pioneer in the field of preventative medicine for many years.  He is a best selling author (with over 10 […]

Dr Oz: Holistic Health Guide DR OZ FANS UPDATE: The recaps of this Dr Oz Show are now posted online. Here are the relevant links: Dr Oz: Oregano Oil for Cough & Licorice Extract for Indigestion Dr Oz: Deepak Chopra Night Cocktail Boosts Energy & Valerian Supplement Dr Oz: Dr Weil Classical Music Playlist & PMS […]

Dr Oz: Deeprak Chopra July 13, 2011 Dr Oz’s Show on July 13, 2011 is called Deepak Chopra’s Secrets To Reverse Aging.  In addition to having some of the coolest eyeglasses, Deepak Chopra is an Alternative Health Guru who has tons of advice on everything from how to slow down the aging process to how […]

Dr Oz did a show with Deepak Chopra, an Alternative Health All-Star, who taught us How To Meditate to Lose Weight and the Secrets to Reverse Aging.  Doctor Oz said that Deepak Chopra’s approach combines the body, mind, and spirit and that he is considered one of the rock stars of alternative treatment.  In March […]

Doctor Oz announced his most ambitious weight loss challenge ever (“Move It and Lose It”), starting on his January 3, 2011 show and lasting for 11 weeks.  Dr Oz said that there is nothing particularly notable in the choice of 11 weeks as the duration of the challenge but he did say that 11 is […]

Doctor Oz had Deepak Chopra, author of Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: How to Create a New You, on his show to teach us about the power of the mind.  Deepak Chopra was called by Time Magazine, the Poet-Prophet of Alternative Medicine.  Deepak was born in India in 1942 and got a medical degree […]

Doctor Oz says that 40% of American adults have tried alternative medicines and $34 billion are spent on herbs, yoga and alternative medicine options.  How did this alternative medicine enthusiasm begin?  When American journalist James Reston was in China, he had an emergency operation and was in so much pain that he was willing to […]

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