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Dr Oz June 14 2011 Dr Oz’s Show on June 14, 2011 is about Dr Issam Nemeh, who some people call the Faith Healer because he claims to heal people through prayer.  Other people though call him a quack (click here for the full story: Dr Oz Faith Healer).  Dr Nemeh even shows how he […]

Doctor Oz’s “In Case You Missed It” segment and recaps for February 1, 2011 are below.  Don’t forget to pass the recaps on to friends and family to spread Dr Oz’s advice!  Before I get to what Dr Oz covered today, I also want to remind you to visit our sister site (Opinion Queen) to […]

Dr Oz did a segment with Dr Issam Nemeh to discuss whether or not he is a Faith Healer (click here to read the full recap: Dr Oz: Faith Healer Dr Issam Nemeh: Scam Or Faith Healer?).  But then Doctor Oz had Dr Nemeh heal someone in his audience named Mary Beth who said she […]

Dr Oz did a show unlike any of his others.  Doctor Oz interviewed Dr Issam Nemeh to find out Is He A Faith Healer Or Not?  For years, Dr Oz has heard stories about this doctor in Cleveland who people come far and wide to visit because he has an unexplained ability to heal people […]

I have been receiving lots of questions from other fabulous Dr Oz Fans about the Dr Oz Show on January 11 2011.  There is a bit of confusion because I covered the episode that was shown in the New York City area about the shooting of Congresswoman Gifford, rather than the episode about Dr Issam […]

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