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Talk Show Highlights: Book Picks Are you looking for a fun fall read or something that can help you start a new chapter in life? Check out these book recommendations from recent talk show episodes. You’ll want to add these on your to-read list for fall. The list included a memoir from Justin Bieber’s mom […]

Dr Oz September 18 2012 Dr Oz September 18 2012 featured guest Dr Joel Fuhrman explaining his beliefs about replacing medicine with healthy foods. Plus, find out how to learn your metabolism type and target your diet around the way your body naturally wants to break down foods. Check out these segments from Dr Oz […]

Dr Oz: Dr Joel Fuhrman Dr Oz’s guest was Dr Joel Fuhrman, author of Super Immunity, whose revolutionary ideas about dieting and healthcare have gotten him legions of fans who call themselves Fuhrmanites. Could it be possible that food like Kale cures migraines or lowers your blood pressure? Would you try it? Fuhrmanites: Adrienne’s Health […]

Dr Oz: Dr Joel Fuhrman What if someone told you that you could feel the best you ever have in your life, lose a ton of weight, and never get sick again? That’s the idea behind the bestselling diet book Eat To Live, and its author, Dr Joel Fuhrman, joined Dr Oz to explain the […]

Dr Oz September 18 2012 Preview We made it almost an entire week into the new season of Dr Oz without hearing about the latest trends that could be the long-awaited Fountain of Youth in disguise. But that’s all about to change, thanks to Dr Oz September 18 2012. Get ready for this new episode […]

Dr Oz: Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s 7 Day Crash Diet Recipes Dr. Joel Fuhrman gave you the quick and easy steps on how to lose the weight with Dr Oz’s 7 Day Crash Diet. On today’s show, three women, who have had success on Dr. Fuhrman’s 7 day crash diet plan, revealed their simple recipes to […]

Dr Oz: 7 Day Crash Diet Even with summertime fast approaching, you can still lose weight in time for the beach. On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Dr. Joel Fuhrman to show you how to eat all you want and still lose weight. This is the only Dr Oz approved Crash Diet (hence […]

Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet Review Shhhhh! You hear that? That’s summer approaching—and quickly! Are you ready? On Doctor Oz’s June 4, 2012 show, he will reveal the secrets on how to lose weight with the Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet put together by Dr Joel Fuhrman. That doesn’t sound much different than […]

Dr Oz: Dukan Diet Dr Oz spoke about The Dukan Diet, which is a brand new diet from France that promises that you can eat whatever you want and never gain a pound.  Kate Middleton was rumored to have used it to lose weight for her royal wedding and Jennifer Lopez is thought to have […]

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