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Dr Oz: Look Younger by the Weekend Starting Tonight Dr Oz did a segment on how we can Look Younger by the Weekend Starting Tonight by using items like Hyaluronic Acid Cream and teeth whitening products (you can even use toothpaste on your nails and cuticles!). Many women want to have younger, healthier looking skin, […]

Dr Oz: What Is Dental Plaque? Dr Oz has apparently partnered with Oral B to promote dental health, which is something I bet we could all stand to take a closer look at. Dr Oz’s own dentist, Dr Jonathan Levine, visited the show to talk about good oral hygiene. Plus, find out how you can […]

Dr Oz: Oral Cancer & HPV Dr Oz did a show called The Rise of Oral Cancer: Could You Be At Risk?  Oral Cancer kills one person every hour, and many people do not even know they are infected with a virus that could cause it – HPV or Human Papilloma Virus.  Doctor Oz went […]

Dr Oz: Oral Cancer Screening Tests Dr Oz did a segment on two groundbreaking Oral Cancer Screening Tests: the Velscope test and the Oral CDX Brush Test, after speaking about Oral Cancer Warning Signs.  Doctor Oz was joined by Dr Jonathan Levine who demonstrated how to do both of these Oral Cancer Screening Exams, along […]

Doctor Oz did a segment on how a Dentist Office Prevents Heart Disease, Dementia & Cancer, and then did a segment on 4 questions about how to take care of your teeth.  Dr Jonathan Levine, a dentist, joined Dr Oz for this part of the show as well… so how well do you know the […]

Doctor Oz did an episode called “The Lifesaving Appointment You Must Make This Year” on how to prevent health problems by making regular visits to your dentist’s office. The dentist can help prevent and detect Heart Disease, Dementia and Cancer.  All of us know that we should not skip our visits to the dentist, but […]

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