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Dr Oz: 3 Secret Weapons To Live Longer Dr Oz predicted how old you will be when you die with a Life Calculator and introduced us to an unhealthy man named Jay who is 43 years old and is only predicted to live to the age of 57.  However, Doctor Oz brought on three doctors: […]

Dr Oz: Fast Forward Friday Dr Oz’s show called Fast Forward Friday gave some simple and fast ways to improve your health and to jump-start your life.  Did you know that just one pill can prevent Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes and Alzheimers Disease… and the pill only costs 10 cents?  This “miracle” pill is Vitamin […]

Dr Oz Gluten Free Recipes Dr Oz: Gluten-Free Diet Recipe Dr Oz did a segment called The Gluten Myth: Is It Really Making Us Fat? (click here for the recap of that segment: Dr Oz: Gluten-Free Diet).  But Doctor Oz left a big question hanging – if 99% of people who have a Gluten Sensitivity […]

Dr Oz Gluten Free Diet Dr Oz Gluten Diet Dr Oz’s show today was called “The Gluten Myth: Is It Really Making Us Fat?”  Turns out, the answer might just be yes!  Is gluten the real enemy these days?  Millions of people currently think that gluten is the #1 thing that is preventing them from […]

Doctor Oz did a segment called “Soy: Life Safer or Danger?” because soy has become somewhat controversial.  Does soy increase your risk for breast cancer?  Can soy cause heart disease?  Dr Oz said there is a growing source of critics who say that soy can increase your risk for cancer.  Soy is found in many […]

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