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Dr Oz: Flat Belly Supplements Dr Oz did a show called 5 Minute Miracles To Fight Fat.  Many of us have tried what seems like everything, but nothing works for us to lose weight.  Doctor Oz said that if we give him just 5 minutes, he will helps us fight our fat.  From the Zerona […]

Dr Oz did a segment called “The 5 Secrets to Just 10: Keeping It Off” to teach us how to keep off the weight after we have lost it.  Doctor Oz brought back Dr Mike Roizen, Dr Ro Brock, Gunnar Peterson and Brad Lamm to give 5 secrets to maintaining your weight loss. Dr Oz: […]

Dr Oz Just 10 Lbs: The Finale

By on December 10, 2010

Dr Oz’s Just 10 Pounds program was a success!  Today’s Doctor Oz Show was called Just 10 Lbs: The Finale.  500,000 people signed up for Dr Oz’s Just 10 Pound Program and changed their lives.  In just 3 months, people who lost 10 pounds already have lowered their blood pressure and cholesterol.  The response was […]

Dr Oz launched his National Soda Challenge just 28 days ago to help us kick our Soda Addictions!  In case you forgot, week 1 of the Soda Challenge was to go sugar free by drinking diet soda, week 2 was to go caffeine free, week 3 was to cut down on the amount of soda […]

Doctor Oz did a segment with Dr Mike Roizen about Germs at Louisa May Alcott Elementary School,and then he did a game called Are You Smarter Than Your 4th Grader (At Packing a Healthy Lunch)?  Do you know how to pack a healthy lunch for your child?  Dr Oz was joined by Bryce, the cutest […]

Doctor Oz sent Dr Mike Roizen, “The Enforcer,” to Louisa May Alcott Elementary School to visit a first grade class and to see what kids do to pass germs at school, which then turns into illness that they bring home to the whole family.  Why are kids so good at spreading germs?  Dr. Michael Roizen […]

Doctor Oz’s first 28 day challenge of the season is to quit drinking soda and soft drinks, which I think is a great way to kick off the season!  Soda is making American’s sick and fat.  53 million Americans drink at least one soda a day, and we spent $70 Billion last year on soda.  […]

Doctor Oz is starting a new program called “Just 10″ to encourage all of us to lose just 10 pounds this year.  Dr Oz said that weight is what is killing the majority of Americans.  Obesity can cause heart attacks, strokes, cancer and Alzheimer’s even.  Here is what Dr Oz said that obesity can do […]

Doctor Oz put Beer Gut Charlie on a diet with the help of his wife Debra, but they fell off the wagon!  So Dr. Oz sent Dr. Michael Roizen, co-author with Dr. Oz of YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management, from the Cleveland Clinic (also called “The Enforcer”) to checkup […]

Doctor Oz had Carnie Wilson and Dr. Judi Hollis & Dr. Mike Roizen on his show at the beginning of February to help Carnie with her life long struggle with obesity.  Carnie is a singer, actress and game show host who has struggled with her weight since she was a young kid.  Carnie’s husband, Rob […]

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