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Krazy Coupon Lady Dr Oz’s show on July 25, 2012 features the Krazy Coupon Lady who announced the Fix My Skin Healing Balm Giveaway.  The only problem is that since this show is a repeat, there is no way to enter the giveaway any more!  Bummer!  However, you can still sign-up for the Starbucks Birthday […]

Dr Oz Show: May 18, 2012 Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from May 18, 2012- Dr Oz’s Meal Makeover Ambush. Tired of eating the same boring foods? For the first time ever, Dr Oz will reveal how to makeover your ordinary […]

Dr Oz: Vitamins to Help You Look & Feel Younger Want to look and feel younger? On today’s show, Doctor Oz showed you ways to control your blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. Find out the good, the better and the best ways to turn back the hands of time with vitamins like Plant Sterols, Alpha […]

Dr Oz: Tests to Save Your Life Being healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. On today’s show, Doctor Oz gave you the simple tests that can possibly save your life, such as a Waist Size Test. The blood sugar test is a 30-second test that gives you a number you must know—your blood sugar level. […]

Dr Oz: All Natural Weight Loss Aids You’ve been dieting and exercising but still can’t seem to shed those last few pounds.  Doctor Oz recently spoke about the merits of Raspberry Ketones, but are there other things we should also be trying? On today’s show, Dr Oz gives you the best all natural weight loss […]

Dr Oz: Alpha Lipoic Acid & Diabetes Dr Oz’s Best Of The Best Show included a segment on 3 Super Supplements: Alpha Lipoic Acid, Melatonin, and Vitamin D.  Bryce Wylde, host of Wylde On Health in Canada, said that Alpha Lipoic Acid helps to increase your energy and to prevent a whole bunch of different […]

Dr Oz: Stop Aging in 24 Hours Dr Oz did a show on how to Stop Aging in 24 Hours, plus he gave a fabulous Anti-Aging Hot List with products that I cannot wait to try and review for all of you! All of us wish that we could stop aging, but Doctor Oz said […]

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