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Dr Oz May 29 2015 Recap Dr. Oz had a great episode on May 29, 2015, talking about the best proteins for the Total 10 Weight Loss Plan and how you can feel like a 10 with his anti-aging plan. Check it all out below! Dr Oz: Dry Shampoo & Wheat Germ Oil Dr. Oz talked […]

Dr. Oz January 6, 2015 Preview Wellbuzz update: Here are the segments from this show. Dr Oz: Feel Like a 10 Anti-Aging Plan, Wheat Germ Oil & Dry Shampoo Dr Oz Total 10: What Protein Should I Eat? Healthy Fats + Bulk Meals Dr Oz: Antacid Throat Burning Sensation + Reflux Damages Vocal Cords Dr […]

Dr. Oz December 11, 2014 Preview Dr. Oz had a great episode December 11, 2014, talking about his Anti-Aging Plan and how to reset your health. Check it out below! Dr. Oz: Anti-Aging Plan, Lean Muscle Prevents Disease & Get Vitamin D It’s critical to get your Vitamin D to prevent the aging process. Dr. […]

Dr. Oz: Anti-Aging Plan Dr. Oz shared his Anti-Aging Plan on his show. He promised his secret could add more quality years to not only our lives, but our family’s lives. Dr. Oz: Lean Muscle for Anti-Aging Dr. Oz said the more lean muscle we have, the easier it is to prevent disease, lose weight, […]

Dr. Oz December 11, 2014 Preview Wellbuzz Update: Here are the articles for this episode: Dr. Oz: Anti-Aging Plan, Lean Muscle Prevents Disease & Get Vitamin D Dr. Oz: Are We Taking Medications We Don’t Need? Natural Laxatives Dr. Oz: Jorge Cruise BBQ Zucchini Chips Recipe & Apple Pie Popcorn Dr. Oz: How to Take Control […]

Dr Oz: Erase Blemishes by Eating Salmon Are you ready to start the New Year looking and feeling 7 Years Younger? Dr Oz has the Revolutionary Anti-Aging Plan to help you feel and look seven years younger. From what you put on your skin to what you put in your body, he has the answers […]

Dr Oz: Skincare For Dark, Medium and Fair Skin Race and ethnicity dictate what you should be using for your skin. There are simple skincare routines based on the color of your skin. If you’re not sure of your skin tone, Dr Oz says to go with the darker shade. On today’s show, Dr Oz […]

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