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Dr Oz: The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Dr. Oz says health issues like high cholesterol, Diabetes, skin irritation, ache and pains and Heart Disease all have one thing in common. Can you guess what it is? They are all caused by inflammation and once it turns into a rolling fire throughout your body, Dr. Oz says you […]

Dr Oz Recap December 7 2012 Dr. Oz’s show today was filled a lot of wonderful health information from his How Healthy are You Quiz to the pains you should never ignore, Dr. Oz outlined everything you need to know in order live a healthier life. He also shared some eye-opening rip-offs you may be […]

Dr Oz: Generic Drugs as Effective as Name Brands Now that you know the biggest rip-offs to avoid at your grocery store, Dr. Oz and Suzy Cohen, Pharmacist, have a few more rip-offs you need to be aware of at the pharmacy, like filling unnecessary prescriptions. They will save you time and money the next […]