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Dr. Oz: Does Makeup Provide SPF Coverage? Dr. Oz talked on his show about beauty industry secrets and how we can outsmart them. He talked to cosmetic chemist Perry Romanowski about the beauty industry. The first revelation is that the SPF found in foundations and powders may offer less protection from the sun than you […]

Dr. Oz: Gray Hair Dr. Oz talked about how to get rid of graying hair. Dr. Oz introduced Deanna, who held up a picture of herself taken before her hair started to turn gray. Now, she’s a little grayer. Deanna said her hair was jet black before and she always got compliments on it. In […]

Dr Oz: Age-Defying Beauty Tips Have you ever wished you could defy your age and turn back the clock? If so, today’s Dr. Oz Show is the one for you because he has tips and tricks to help you look and feel younger, including natural remedies that really work! Dr Oz: Cinnamon Honey Anti-Aging Face […]

Dr Oz: Avocado Hair Mask When is comes to aging have you ever thought about your hair? Dr. Oz says years of wear and tear can take a toll on your hair, but he has three easy tests to figure out your hair’s “real” age and the fixes to make it look and feel younger. […]

Dr Oz Recap October 9 2013 Flu season is in full swing so Dr. Oz shared tips to keep you healthy and protect your family. From which flu vaccine is best for your situation to everything you should have in your at-home flu-fighting kit, he provided everything you need to prevent and fight off viruses […]

Dr Oz: Money-Saving Beauty Tips Do you spend a lot of money for the sake of beauty? Dr. Oz says the average woman spends around $300 a year on hair coloring alone, so he asked some experts to join him and share tips to help you look gorgeous without spending a fortune. Dr Oz: How […]

Dr Oz Show: June 4, 2012 Click on the links at the end of each item below to read recaps of the Dr Oz Show from June 4, 2012-The Dr Oz Approved 7-Day Diet! Looking to lose weight while eating more food? You’re in luck! Doctor Oz reveals his 7-day crash diet that will have […]

Dr Oz: Quick Hair Fixes Want to know how to turn that dry, fly-a-way hair into a beautiful mane? On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Celebrity Hairstylist, Louis Licari to reveal common hair disasters and how to fix them with things like Argan Oil for frizzy hair, a hair color marker for grey […]

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