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Dr Oz January 28 2013 On his show January 28 2013, Dr. Oz shared the Clean Detox Program that will help you get healthy and lose 10 pounds this month without feeling deprived. He and Dr. Alejandro Junger listed the foods you need to avoid along with the ones that are okay to eat, plus […]

Dr Oz: Arnica Reduces Swelling Naturally Now that Dr. Oz shared his Homeopathic Starter Kit with you, including remedies for indigestion and the flu, he has a few more homeopathic remedies to share, including the best ones to relieve your stress and end your insomnia. Dr Oz: Conventional Medicine vs. Homeopathic Medicine Most conventional doctors […]

Dr Oz: Dr Soram Khalsa Integrative Medicine Dr. Oz talked with the somewhat controversial Dr. Soram Khalsa about integrative medicine and what he believes to be the best way to treat patients. Read on to learn more about what integrative medicine is all about as well as what you could expect if you visit an […]

Dr Oz Arnica Dr Oz’s show on December 27, 2011 is called Dr Oz’s Super Power Hour.  Doctor Oz covered all sorts of popular topics, such as how to elevate your senses and even a Senses Test to be sure your senses are working properly.   Dr Oz also spoke about the power of using […]

Dr Oz Approved Home Remedies In this segment, Dr Oz commented that his family reaches for the zinc before the penicillin.  Dr Oz talked about his own family’s home remedies and what they use to help cure common ailments.  He brought up an audience member that stated she also prefers home remedies.  For her kids, […]

Dr Oz: Chromium Picolinate Dr Oz’s Show on June 17 2011 is called The Best Time Of Day To Lose Weight.  Doctor Oz will be joined by Dr Melina Jampolis to talk about how to break your addiction to sugar and fat.  One of my favorite tips that she offers is to take 1000 mg […]

Dr Oz Arnica Dr Oz: Alternative Treatments For Pain Doctor Oz did a show called Alternative Ways To Treat Your Aches And Pains.  He spoke about new ways to treat aches and pains without prescription medications or expensive doctors.  Dr Oz said that 86% of the people in his audience claim to have pain at […]

Dr Oz did a segment on bruises and Homeopathy to treat bruises, such as using Arnica Gel.  How much do you know about bruises and the lifecycle of bruises?  Doctor Oz said that everyone has had black and blue marks which are sometimes painful, but sometimes there is a secret serious condition that is hiding.  […]

Doctor Oz did a segment on bruises to teach us home remedies and cures to make bruises hurt less and to make your bruises disappear faster.  Plus, did you know that a bruise could be a sign of something more serious? Band Aid Apple from Crestock Stock Photos Dr. Oz first explained what causes bruising […]

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