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Dr Oz: Belly Fat Myths Busted! Are you ready to go from fat to flat and regain your waistline? Today Dr. Oz is busting belly fat myths and providing you with solutions that really work! Dr Oz: Can You Get Rid of Belly Fat after 40? Dr. Oz says there are a lot of myths […]

Dr Oz: Memory Boosters & Superfoods In this segment, Dr Oz explored the myth that your memory declines as you age. This doesn’t have to be the case, and to prove it, he had Memory Expert and 2 Time Guinness Book of World Record Holder, Dave Farrow, on the show. Dave told Doctor Oz that […]

Dr Oz Vegetable Cures Dr Oz played a game to teach everyone about Vegetable Cures for common ailments.  Do you know which vegetable is best for your skin?  Or which is best for your vision?  How about which vegetable helps you to lose the most weight?  Here are Doctor Oz’s answers to all of these […]