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Dr Oz: Clothes for Your Body Type Okay, so you don’t look like Jennifer Aniston or Halle Berry in your clothes. On today’s show, Doctor Oz says that it doesn’t matter because you can still look good.  Dr Oz spoke about Raspberry Ketones that help you to lose weight, but in the meantime, we need […]

Dr Oz: 5 Body Types On today’s show, “5 Fat Busters, 5 Body Types, 5 Days”, Dr Oz showed you that yes, you can target your problem areas and shed fat. Got a big booty, big belly or even just fat all over? Don’ t fret, in 5 days, Doctor Oz will help you get […]

Dr Oz: Robert Verdi Clothes That Make You Look Thin You’re trying to lose weight, you should be commended for that.  However, you want to look thinner now!  In this segment, Dr Oz and celebrity stylist, Robert Verdi, took you through 2 audience member makeovers to demonstrate how to dress for your body type to […]

Dr Oz: Body Type Diets In this segment, Dr Oz explained the science of your body shape.  What weight loss methods worked for one particular shape did not necessarily work for another.  Dr Oz had several audience members come to the stage wearing a pair of jeans and a tucked-in shirt to reveal all of […]

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