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Dr. Oz October 16, 2014 Recap Dr. Oz has a great episode October 16, 2014, talking about whether low-dose aspirins are right for you and how to prevent blood clots. He also had Mario Batali on, who made several delicious recipes, and talked to a doctor who lost 125 pounds. Find out all about it […]

Dr. Oz: Motorcycle Cop Has Stroke Dr. Oz took us behind the scenes of his hospital to follow the story of a motorcycle cop named Joseph who had a stroke while on vacation. Dr. Oz thought he might need heart surgery. Joseph said he was walking with his kids to the pool when he had […]

Dr. Oz: How to Prevent Blood Clots Dr. Oz welcomed an Assistant of the Day named Diana, who did a stretch as she walked down the steps, so that she could stretch out her pants a little bit more to get some movement. Dr. Oz thought it was a victory dance and I did, too. […]

Dr Oz December 26 2013 Dr Oz helped you lower your stress and make your kitchen healthy with the December 26 show. Did you know that raisins can prevent blood clots? Check out his latest Wasabi Recipes and make a Banana Split dessert that you can feel good about. Here’s everything from this show. Dr […]

Dr Oz did a segment on Fatal Blood Clots.  He started the segment by pricking his own finger to show how your blood goes from a liquid to something solid when it forms a Blood Clot.  This bodily function helps us to survive, but if a Blood Clot happens in the wrong place, it can […]

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