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Dr Oz June 2012: Miracle Fat Burning Oil You always know you’re going to learn something new from Dr Oz, and this week he featured a lot of creative approaches to some of his favorite topics, like weight loss and anti-aging. Here are the five most popular Dr Oz segments from the week of June […]

Dr Oz: Y Lift Review Dr Oz’s Show on June 14, 2012 will cover the famous Y Lift Facelift, a list of Dr Oz’s Booster Foods (including Dr Dow’s Booster Pizza Recipe!), an interview about Goldie Hawn’s Depression and her 10 Mindful Minutes approach.  So why start with the Y Lift Review?  Because so many […]

Dr Oz: Booster Foods List Always craving those foods that aren’t good for you? (Welcome to my world, people!) Well, in this segment, Dr Oz introduced Dr. Mike Dow, psychotherapist, to give you his 28-day plan that will curb those munchies forever. To do his plan, all you need to do is retrain your brain […]