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Doctor Oz’s “In Case You Missed It” segment and recaps for May 11, 2011 are below. Don’t forget to pass the recaps on to friends and family to spread Dr Oz’s advice! Before I get to what Dr Oz covered today, I also want to remind you to visit our sister site (Opinion Queen) to […]

Dr Oz: Soma Underwear for Cellulite Dr Oz waged war against Cellulite today and came up with a list called Dr Oz’s Secret Weapons To Fight Cellulite which included Kelp Seaweed Capsules, Aminophylline Cream, Retinol Cream and Non-Elastic Underwear like Soma Underwear or Spanx to prevent Cellulite.  He also did another segment on Cellulite Caffeine […]

Dr Oz did a segment called Miracle Pills and Potions with Cheryl Kramer Kaye, from Redbook magazine.  Cheryl told Doctor Oz that at Redbook they get so many products to try that they cannot actually try everything, so when the receive a product, they flip it over and read the label.  She looks for tried […]