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Dr Oz: Diet Secrets from the Ocean Floor Do you want all-natural secrets to help you lose weight? On today’s show, Doctor Oz exposed the diet secrets from the ocean floor, after speaking about Matcha Tea & Gochujang Hot Sauce (which boost your metabolism) and the Swimsuit Slimdown to get your body ready for the summer. […]

Dr Oz: Burn Fat Fast! Do you have problem areas on your body that you would just love to get rid of? (Yeah, me too!) On today’s show, Doctor Oz shows you how to burn fat fast in those problem areas. Find out how to blast belly fat, how to get rid of your big […]

Dr Oz: Fat Burning Supplements Dr Oz did a show with Montel Williams about the SafSlim Diet, and then followed it up with a discussion of various fat burning supplements.  So you’re still not sure how to get rid of that extra bulge in the middle. (Don’t feel bad, me neither!) In this segment, Doctor […]